Where to use it

In addition to being a valuable tool for investment portfolio and collection managers, our art price index reports and data are instrumental in determining fine art values for insurance, capital gains tax and auction pricing. We also build commissioned indexes to track the performance of personal portfolios, collections and funds.

Use our indexes for

  • Art Market Intelligence
  • Fine Art Valuation
  • Market Comparison
  • Editorial Data Visualisations & Graphs


Who can use it

Our products are designed to be used by anyone who requires art market information, from experts using it as part of sophisticated analytics to novices with little to no experience with data interpretation.

Clients have their own QBI dashboard with a user friendly interface for report generating and a library for saving reports. Calculators are available to help calculate price movements such as capital gains and fund performance.




Understanding our data

Developing data fluency begins with understanding where the data originates and how it has been processed. Knowing this is vital if it is to become meaningful and lead to insights and knowledge.

We understand that statistical techniques such as smoothing, trimming and moving averages should be applied at the user’s discretion. Data that has been altered by such methods prior to being presented can at the very least, diminish its value for the user and at worst, influence the user to wrongly interpret patterns and anomalies leading to potential catastrophic results. With QBI, you have the ability to customise each report by choosing what variables to use and which techniques to apply.