The NEW QBI Art Price Index Platform is here!

We listened to your feedback, we went away, we redesigned, we redeveloped and then developed some more...

Many of the issues we knew about, some of them we didn't.  All of them we fixed! Now the new improved QBI art price index platform is here; its faster, more user friendly, and has new features such as

  • corporate licence management

  • customised group index design

  • more download options


Corporate Licence Management. We can now allocate the licences to someone within your company and they can allocate or move licences as required. In addition, as lead account licence you can clone group indexes designed by one of your team and distribute to others within your business with instructions on when it should be used and any other relevant information.

Custom group indexes with the ability to overlay one or more of the component artists to enable you to see which component of the group index was most influencing the volatility or identify components that have little effect on the overall movement. 

More download options. Improvements to the PDF, Excel & .csv downloads. The PDF download is now in a structured report format. The Excel download is a new feature and presents the data from your index report in a formatted spreadsheet. Where a user designed group index report is downloaded the overall group index data is populated as a summary worksheet with the price data from the composite components populating their own worksheet. Similarly, the .csv download also breaks down the grouped index but on one worksheet for those of you who are serious about your data wrangling.


The new QBI Art Price Index Platform is based on the same principles and methodology that we set out to create from the start, but now it’s better because of you