Setting the Benchmark With Data You Can Depend On

Welcome and thank you for visiting QBI. Have you taken advantage of the three free index reports you are entitled to as a first time visitor? We want you to get to know the product, investigate the data and discover answers to some of your questions about the art market - and with a few free index reports at your fingertips, you have nothing to lose!

Robust and Multidimensional for Accurate Information

Our comprehensive and robust database and multidimensional search functions mean our website is a powerful resource tool that provides a deeper insight into the global art market.

Our product starts with raw data and offers flexible tools for multidimensional data querying to produce art market price index reports used for valuations and appraisals for tax, insurance and investment decisions, market intelligence, market comparison and graphical visuals for presentations. You can be confident that the information you receive is accurate and pertinent to your situation.

At QBI, we focus on data validation and a vigorous process of audit and quality assurance checks to provide a powerful data resource that is setting the benchmark with data you can depend on.

The Flexibility is in Your Hands

QBI is the only impartial resource that gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide variety of variables allowing you to drill down to the data you need.

No doubt, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching for a data source that gives you the flexibility to accurately answer your questions. We understand that statistical techniques such as smoothing, trimming and moving averages should be applied at the user’s discretion. Data that has been altered by such methods prior to being presented can at the very least diminish its value for the user and at worst, influence the user to wrongly interpret patterns and anomalies leading to potential catastrophic results.

Building this level of flexibility into our product was obvious. Now, you have the flexibility to choose the data you need to give you accurate information that will answer your questions, provide you with valuable market insight and help you make decisions.

Our Data and Product Reflect our Values

Our values are important to us as individuals, collectively as a team and corporately within the industry and are reflected in our product.

When it comes to understanding any market, it is important to start with objective and transparent data from a conflict-free source. Our promise to you is that we will remain transparent with our actions, methods, procedures and products keeping free from pretence and deceit. We do not give investment advice, do not offer loans and do not include data from any resource that does not meet the rigorous standards we require from our data providers. QBI does not operate in any other way or for any other purpose than to provide you with truly objective and transparent data you can depend on.

At QBI, we hold ourselves accountable and assume responsibility for our actions, products decisions and policies. We uphold ourselves to maintain these same standards in all aspects of our business, from the rigorous standards we require from our data providers to the conscientious auditing we conduct on our processes to the uncompromising ethics we uphold our employees.

As an agile business, we move quickly and easily to respond to the needs of our customers as well as industry changes. If you are unable to find what you need or do what you want, let us know. We offer many other options beyond your dashboard, so contact us with your questions and let us help.