Passionate about data

We are passionate about data. More importantly, we are passionate about the assurance our data gives you. This passion drives our innovative nature by stimulating our natural curiosity and fueling our need to understand the ‘why’. We use it to challenge ourselves, expand our knowledge and build our expertise enabling us to continually develop our products and services to meet your growing needs.


Accountable for our product

At QBI we hold ourselves accountable for our resources and product. We insist our data and intentions be transparent, approach each instance analytically and respond to our customers' needs and market changes with agility.

We constantly work to achieve this through the following underlying concepts.

  • Lead with vision and ethical standards – We are shaping the future of our industry. Operating with a clear set of ethical standards, adhering to the principals of quality control and changing the face of the art market so that it is transparent means we are operating as a positive role model for the industries we serve.

  • Adding value for customers – We are constantly adding to our repertoire of products and services. If you aren’t able to find what you want, ask us. We will do our best to provide you the data you need to answer your questions.

  • Succeed through the quality and talent of our team – We thrive on the collective talents of our team and empower each member by supporting their ideas, creativity and talents. By embracing their great minds and encouraging continued professional development we ensure our team remains the best at what they do.


    About our team

    The QBI team is a collection of creative, curious, intellectual and critical thinkers who love data, technology, statistics, art, design and anything classified as an alternative asset. Our team includes professionals with diverse backgrounds in art, business administration, marketing, psychology, chemistry and economics. Above all, we love what we do and are excited about what we'll do next.

    But we don't want it to be about us. We want it to be about you, your questions, your information. So we focus on the data, the product and doing our best to make sure it does what you need it to. We make sure our data is data you can depend on.


    Work with QBI

    Do you have a passion for quality data, delivering accurate information and responding to customer needs? Are you curious and want to learn about new markets? Degrees and professional training always make a great impression, but even an inner drive and the call to be a part of something great can make a big impact. So if you'd like to be a part of the QBI team, get in touch and let us know what you have to offer. We want to hear from you!