QBI Offers Insights into the Global Art Market with a New Model for Art Market Analytics

You require dependable data to help make decisions and advise your clients. You need the robust unadulterated data QBI delivers.

QBI puts the power of creating global and regional art market indexes in the hands of the user. Our index database platform is built upon high quality data and offers fully customisable index reports designed to meet the requirements of those involved in the art market at every level. Users can now track art market performance by region making it invaluable for market intelligence and comparisons. Kate Botelho, Founder and Managing Director explains "we are leading the way with a new model for art market analytics. Sales shouldn't be primarily recorded by nationality of artist but by location of sale. That's the information that delivers actual financial gains."

What makes QBI indexes unique?

QBI differs from other index providers in the level of customisation we offer for report generation and the feature-rich dashboard aimed at enhancing the user experience. Users customise reports by applying statistical methods including trimming and smoothing and can filter results by location, artist, media and date. The result is an index report designed by the user for their specific purpose. Grouped indexes, such as our QBI Art 101 and others focusing on specific art movements are also provided. Each user has a personalised dashboard with their own index library, features including CAGR and Past/Current Value calculators and and index resource library.

Enabling you to build and customise your own reports, apply your own statistical methods and make your own calculations, empowers you to achieve a deeper understanding of the data, transforming the data into answers to your questions. This makes it more meaningful and valuable than other similar products. 

Our data is of the highest standard and presented in its purest form. Tracking open market sales results from auction rooms worldwide, our database is updated monthly and currently includes records for over 18,750 artists and 450,000 sales from 106 auction rooms in 65 cities across the world.

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