6 Art Market Indexes for Real Market Insight

One of QBI's most noted features is our growing collection of grouped art market indexes. Our flagship index, QBI Art 101 gives an overall view of the global fine art market and includes artists from across all movements, media, countries and historic periods. However, our list doesn't begin and end with that!

Our library is full of indexes representing groups of artists on nationality and others focusing on media. As a matter of fact, the list is so long we're only highlighting the six most frequently used indexes to give you a little taste of the breadth we offer when it comes to real art market insight.

1. QBI Art 101

As our flagship index, you'd expect it to be top of the list of the more frequently sought after indexes, and it is. This art market index gives an overall view of the global fine art market.

Claude Monet, Gladioli


2. QBI American Contemporary Art

America is hot on the contemporary art scene and so it was a no-brainer to design this index. As a matter of fact, the scene is so prolific we couldn't narrow in on only 100 artists.

Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog


3. QBI British Art 100

This popluar index includes artists from Sir Peter Lely (b. 1618) to Idris Khan (b. 1978) and includes the likes of John Constable, Jack Butler Yeats and David Hockney among 95 other British artists.



4. QBI Inuit Art

Originally designed for an overseas client, this little beauty is one of our favourites. We take the 'global' seriously when tracking the global art market so there's no leaving out the fantastic Inuit artists who have made their mark on the world of fine art. Do you need a bespoke index created? Let us know.

Judas Ullulaq

[Image by Quinn Dombrowski (CC BY-SA 2.0)]

5. QBI Old Masters

Choosing the artists included in this index took a lot of time and consideration simply due to the broad time period making up this era. The QBI Old Masters index is certainly a favourite among our users!

Jan Brueghel the Elder, Flora in the Flower Garden


6. QBI Photography

Seventy photographers are included in this grouped index from across all countries and genres to give a representation of the global photography market. Our customers seem to be happy with it as this one is looked at time and time again by anyone from fine art valuers to photography fans.

Ansel Adams


Help us Grow Our Selection of Art Market Indexes

The list of grouped indexes in our pipeline is getting quite long. The next three in the pipeline are:

  • Chinese Contemporary Art
  • Dutch Old Masters
  • Sculpture

Tell us which art market index would you like next. Comment on this post, tweet or email to let us know!

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