5 Tips To Get the Most From QBI

Even with all that we have to boast about, as with any new product there are a few areas where we can improve. And believe us, we’re taking your comments on board. Some things we can enhance immediately, some take a bit more planning and then again, some things are there, you just may not be aware of them. 

To get the most out of the site here are five valuable tips to find what you’re looking for, get what you need and unwrap the insights ready to be discovered.

1.    50 data points to build an index

Did you know that in order to build an index on our site, there must be a minimum of 50 data points (sales) for the selected time frame? You’re most likely to come across this when honing in on very selective data criteria; for example, a single artist’s sales within a narrow time frame. 

The solution? Expand your search parameters.

That probably sounds familiar. It’s the kind of message any search engine spouts back when it can’t return results for your search. It stands to reason that by casting a wider net, you’re likely to capture more data. This may seem obvious, but the truth of the matter is, when looking for specific details, we tend to narrow in on the subject by asking the search engine to meet specific criteria. Just as sometimes your Google search doesn’t return any results, in some cases, there may not be enough data points to build an index.

2.    Using the calculators for more insight

You get a lot with a QBI index report and even then, sometimes it’s not enough. Thankfully, we offer two calculators to help you answer more questions and complete your report. 

Our compound growth and past/current value calculators are the perfect complement to our reports and very easy to use. Located on your dashboard, each one comes with an explanation of How To and Why you would need to use it as well as tips to give you the most accurate answers. 

3.    Check the library for documents and details

Our document library is full of valuable information to help answer your questions and make decisions. It houses documents explaining how to use the site, our methodology and descriptions of our grouped indexes. All active account holders have access to the library as well as a dashboard full of resources. We regularly add resources to it so be sure to check the library often for more discoveries. If at any time you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know.

4.    Customise the names of your reports

Every report you generate is automatically saved to your personal dashboard in the 'saved indexes' tab. This is really handy for many reasons but could get confusing when trying to find the right one in a pinch. Tip number four could save you a boat load of time filing through your saved indexes trying to locate the one you want. The solution is to give each report a unique name. You'll notice that once you generate your report, the default name is QBI Index or Index. Before you go any further, your next step should be to rename it. Setting a unique title for your report will help you easily identify it at a later time.

5.    Ask more questions

There is one thing we ask of all our users, and that is to ask more questions. If you can’t find what you need, ask us. If it’s not possible for you to do it yourself with our online resources, we’ll make every measure to get it for you ourselves. 

Our aim is to give you what you need to discover the answers you want. Using our tools and resources alongside your reports gives you more detail and insight. Asking us questions not only gives us the opportunity to help, it lets us know what you need so we can enhance our product and your user experience. 

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