Data you can depend on

At Quality Benchmark Information we specialise in compiling frequent, impartial art auction prices from all over the world and make this data accessible to users via our website. This online resource enables quick artist index reports and their prices to answer your questions and give you deeper insight into the art market.

Our art market index reports can be used with confidence across all industries, academia and organisations and are a robust and usable quantitative data source for:

  • Data driven decision making
  • Global art market insight
  • Asset class comparison
  • Art valuation
  • Academic research


Make decisions with confidence

We strive for excellence at every stage of the process, for every output, for every customer. To enable us to deliver and sustain these standards we:

  • Examine the data from each source to ensure it is consistent, valid and from businesses with corporate governance and sound reputations.
  • Ensure all team members are fully trained with emphasis on CPD.
  • Document all data related processes in defined and standardised procedures ensuring consistency at all times and levels.
  • Have a robust programme of documented audits within the process.
  • Make our quality assurance, risk management and data delivery policies and procedures accessible.


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